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documentation for the macro "base_classes"

Defines the security classes exported by the kernel.

It is defined in the file essentials.m4.

m4 code:

`class security
class process
class system
class capability
class filesystem
class file
class dir
class fd
class lnk_file
class chr_file
class blk_file
class sock_file
class fifo_file
class socket
class tcp_socket
class udp_socket
class rawip_socket
class node
class netif
class netlink_socket
class packet_socket
class key_socket
class unix_stream_socket
class unix_dgram_socket
class sem
class msg
class msgq
class shm
class ipc
class passwd
class drawable
class window
class gc
class font
class colormap
class property
class cursor
class xclient
class xinput
class xserver
class xextension
class pax
class netlink_route_socket
class netlink_firewall_socket
class netlink_tcpdiag_socket
class netlink_nflog_socket
class netlink_xfrm_socket
class netlink_selinux_socket
class netlink_audit_socket
class netlink_ip6fw_socket
class netlink_dnrt_socket
class dbus
class nscd
class association
class netlink_kobject_uevent_socket
class appletalk_socket
class packet
class key
class context
class dccp_socket
class memprotect
class peer
class capability2')